Pool cleaning systems

Regardless of the design of the country reservoir, it requires mandatory care. At the same time, the pool, not protected by an awning or a roof, becomes polluted much faster than a closed one. Therefore, before installing an artificial reservoir, it is necessary to choose the best option for cleaning it. To collect small debris remaining on the surface of the water surface, use special nets. This option is suitable in the presence of a small design. To cope with this task in large volume, use special water vacuum cleaners.

To clean the bottom and walls from dirt, special filter pumps with sand filters are purchased. In this case, it is necessary to accurately determine the power of the filter, which depends on the type of structure.

Every pool needs to be decontaminated from time to time so that it performs its tasks well. To obtain clear, clear water, it is disinfected using chemical reagents. It can be liquid oxygen, chlorine or bromine. Using these substances, you can change the hardness indicator, eliminate the cloudy sediment and get rid of the growth of algae. If you do not use chemistry to disinfect the country reservoir, in a short time the pool will become a flowering pond.

Solving problems encountered during the operation of the pool

A pool in the country is not just entertainment for a large company, but also an object that requires constant attention. You need to be prepared for the fact that at any time various kinds of troubles can arise, as well as regularly take measures to keep the reservoir clean.

One of the problems with water can be its "flowering". In this case, the water acquires a green tint due to the growth of algae in it or the presence of a large amount of metals.You can get rid of algae by adjusting the acidity of the water, and then adding a large dose of chlorine and drugs that prevent the development of algae. To reduce the metal content, a lot of chlorine is also introduced first. Then they turn on the filter and introduce a special substance that collects small particles of metals into large ones. After this, the dirt is removed mechanically. If the water has become rusty, then its acidity is below normal. You can solve the problem by adjusting this indicator.

Silt may form on the bottom and walls. If this happens, it means that organic substances are present in the water, which serve not only as a source of pollution, but also can spread the infection, therefore it is necessary to immediately clean the structure.

To cope with the clouding of water will help the addition of high-speed shock chlorine or means designed to soften the water. These drugs must be used strictly according to the instructions.

How to disinfect and purify water

There are many ways to clean the pool water. Many manufacturers in a wide range produce a variety of water purifiers. It is best to use products that include chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. The easiest way to clean the pool with a chlorine-containing preparation, since such a product does not have a negative effect on the skin.

Preparations with bromine can also purify water well, but they cost much more. Such funds are used mainly in a closed varant, for which a higher temperature is maintained.
If the water temperature in the pool does not exceed +25 degrees, then an excellent result can be obtained using drugs in active chlorine.

How to keep pool water fresh

In addition to regular cleaning of the pool with chemicals, it is imperative to use filtration to preserve the freshness of the water. The cleaning device must operate for at least 6 hours daily.
Typically, for summer cottages, the following filters are used:

  1. The sand filter is cheap. This unit contains quartz sand, which traps particles of dirt. The filter must be washed daily under running water. Such a device is capable of retaining only large particles, so it is not much in demand.
  2. In the filter cartridge type there are special cartridges collecting particles larger than 10 microns. Such a device allows high-quality cleaning and does not require frequent flushing. If the cartridge is dirty, you can simply replace it with a new one.