Home pool: which one to choose

A private house is not only a place for sweaty work, but also the opportunity to have a great time outdoors, relax and just enjoy leisure time. It is good when you have a barbecue on your site, a garden with fresh vegetables and a gazebo for soulful evening gatherings. But there is nothing to compare with the opportunity to plunge into cool water when there is 30-degree heat on the street. Not always in the vicinity is a river or lake. Therefore, the pool for the house is a real opportunity to cool off on a hot sunny day and become the owner of your own, refreshing mini-pond. In today's article, we will consider what pools are, find out about their features, and, of course, try to figure out which is better: buy or build yourself ?!

Types of pools

A country house with a pool is certainly not a very cheap undertaking. However, I’ll tell you a secret - you can install it even with a small budget. Let's look at which pools are.

The inflatable pool for the house is an opportunity to enjoy cool water, not only for children, but also for adults. The Russian market is represented by a huge number of different models. They differ both in their volume, varying from 3 to 30 thousand liters, and in the materials used in the production. Such pools can be equipped with an additional ladder and the simplest water filter. It can be easily moved and transported throughout the site. Assembly takes a little time, as does dismantling. PVC pools are made. This is a fairly dense material. But it can be easily punched and torn. They are not durable and quickly fade in the sun.

The frame pool for the house will require more time for installation than the inflatable option. Its essence lies in a rigid frame. Small children here no longer swim, as these models are quite deep and have a large volume. They are installed once for the whole season. Therefore, it is worth thinking in advance about its location. The service life of frame pools is 5-7 years, as they also fade in the sun. The set includes a ladder, water care products and a filter element. The latter is often not able to provide good water circulation, and therefore have to drain the pool regularly. It will have to be dismantled for the winter. An exception is expensive models made of quality materials that are not afraid of frost.

A stationary pool for a house made of polypropylene or fiberglass is a rather large-sized and expensive product that is installed on the site forever. Well, of course, until you decide to replace it. For installation, you will need a pit and the allocation of such a place to which a car can drive. The wall thickness of the pool is about 1 cm, and it weighs quite a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to unload it where it will be located all the time. In addition, you will need a plate under it, which will not allow the ground to sag. Among the advantages of such models, I want to highlight durability, the ability to be equipped with various additional devices and filters. After installation, you will only need to equip a place for rest and decorate the area adjacent to the pool. This option allows you to avoid a lot of work during construction with your own hands. The sizes of such pools and their prices are quite different. There are already finished products, but there is also the opportunity to order the right one. In this case, you can choose the depth, shape and volume of the pool.

The most beautiful and most labor-intensive pools for the house are stone and concrete. Subject to construction technology, they can last almost forever. In addition, there are a huge number of finishes. From decorative stone to tiles, mosaics and granite. This type of pool is the most expensive, since in addition to the foundation pit, it requires many other land works and material costs. However, the result will please any owner of a private house or cottage. In more detail about the construction of the pool with your own hands, I will tell in one of the following articles. Do not miss it, it will be interesting.

How to choose?

  1. Before you buy a pool for your home, you need to think carefully about whether you need it at all. If so, then you already understand what functions it should perform. Decide whether it will be a pool for children or for all family members. You will use it all season or several times during the summer. Understanding the conditions for future use of the pool will save a significant amount of money.
  2. Decide on a budget. The price of inflatable pools varies from 3 to 20 thousand rubles. The cost of frame pools is from 11 to 90 thousand rubles, depending on the volume, materials and equipment. Pools made of polypropylene start from 30 thousand rubles for 2 cubic meters of capacity 1.3 meters high and reach 280 thousand rubles for a model with a capacity of 75 cubic meters, a height of 1.5 m and a diameter of 8 m.
  3. Find out what warranty service is available, specify its period and cases that it does not cover. Pay attention to the configuration and functionality of the filter element (if any).